Kirsten Dunst Stays Mum When Asked About Jake and Taylor

Credit: Carmen Valdes/

Long before Taylor Swift (and Reese Witherspoon, for that matter), Jake Gyllenhaal only had eyes for one: Kirsten Dunst.

The two famously had an on-and-off romance that finally ended in 2004.

And it's something Dunst -- now starring opposite Ryan Gosling in the gritty crime drama All Good Things -- doesn't want to revisit.

At the film's NYC premiere Wednesday, Dunst, 28, was asked whether she thinks Swift - who turns 21 Dec. 13 - is a good match for 29-year-old Gyllenhaal.

"Next!" she told a pack of reporters.

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Since she dated Gyllenhaal for so long, she must have some opinion, one reporter asked Dunst.

The actress laughed.

"Next!" she cried.