PIC: Amanda Knox Steps Out With New Beau

Credit: Flynet

Seattle sweethearts!

Six weeks after being released from Italian jail, Amanda Knox is back in her hometown of Seattle, Washington, and she's even got a new boyfriend!

The 24-year-old, who spent nearly four years in prison accused of murdering her roommate Meredith Kercher in 2007, walked arm-in-arm with James Terrano on Sunday. The couple headed to the Salvation Army before doing some shopping at the local Asian market on Sunday.

James' brother, William Terrano, confirmed to the Daily Mail that James and Knox were dating. "They have known each other for years," he said. "We've all been friends since before Amanda went to Italy."

Knox's former Italian boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito (who was also exonerated last month) plans to visit her in the United States. "I really want to see her again," he told Italian weekly OGGI last month. "She asked me over, and I accepted with pleasure, and there is no saying I will wait until Christmas. I could go earlier -- I could go at any moment. 

Sollecito, 27, said the duo "need to speak and write to each other to try to understand what happened to us." They "look forward to a future that appeared broken forever but instead, we can still build on."