PIC: Brad and Angelina Make Out on Set!


The world's most famous couple is in the world's most romantic city -- and they're doing what comes naturally!

With daughters Shiloh and Zahara in tow, Brad Pitt visited Angelina Jolie on the Parisian set of her film The Tourist Tuesday. Even surrounded by cast, crew and paparazzi, the couple took a moment for themselves to share a passionate kiss. (See more photos of the couple at PopSugar.com!)

Jolie, 34, stars opposite Johnny Depp in The Tourist, which will be filmed mostly in Venice, Italy, where she and Pitt have rented out a canalside, 15th century palazzo for their six-kid family.

Jolie's once-estranged father Jon Voight joined his daughter, Pitt and his six grandkids in Venice on Sunday for a boat trip down the ancient city's Grand Canal.