See Salma Hayek as a Stripper in Americano

Salma Hayek

Sixteen years after her role as exotic dancer Santanico Pandemonium in Robert Rodriguez's 1996 movie, From Dusk Till Dawn, Salma Hayek is back in a G-string! In the new French film, Americano, the 45-year-old actress bares it all as Lola, a stripper with a dark past.

In the film's recently released U.S. trailer (it debuted at the Toronto Film Festival in September), Hayek dons a bright red, shoulder-length wig and several cleavage-baring lingerie ensembles.

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The drama, written and directed by Mathieu Demy (who also stars opposite Hayek in the film) revolves around Demy's character Martin, who is tasked with tracking down his late mother's friend (Lola).

Americano hits select theaters June 15.