Snooki Met Boyfriend "on Facebook"

Celebrity News Mar. 1, 2010 AT 6:24PM
Snooki Met Boyfriend "on Facebook" Credit: Jerritt Clark/

Snooki didn't meet new boyfriend Emilio Massella at a club (like Jersey Shore hotspot Karma) or through a publicist: it was a match made on Facebook.

"We honestly met on Facebook," Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, 21, told at Saturday's Masks and Mayhem Purim party at Solo restaurant in Manhattan.

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"We were just talking as friends and we started hanging out and actually clicked." The MTV star and Massella have been together for about a month.

"All that's important is that we're really happy with each other and I have a good time with him," Snooki said. "I love his personality."

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Shortly after speaking to Us, the happy new pair survived a major trauma together: as reported Sunday, the Masks and Mayhem Purim bash erupted into chaos when shards of ice crashed through the glass atrium.

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"Omg roof just collapsed at the purim event!" Snooki tweeted from the scene. Some revelers were bleeding and at treated at the hospital for minor injuries, while firemen temporarily evacuated the premises.

Snooki Tweeted the next morning: "everyone's ok."

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