Stealthy Raccoon Steals Doughnut From Coffee Shop: Watch

Ariana Grande, take note! A raccoon was caught stealing a doughnut from a coffee shop in Toronto earlier this week, and customer Peter Jensen caught it all on video.

Jensen, who spoke with BuzzFeed Canada, said he walked into his favorite coffee shop one morning and noticed a ceiling tile moving. Assuming it was due to the weather, he “kind of freaked out a little bit” when he saw a tiny raccoon paw reach down. 

Jensen told BuzzFeed that for the next 20 minutes, customers and waitstaff watched as the stealthy animal picked out a doughnut. “It looked around for a little bit and then it grabbed [one],” Jensen said. “Like, it was choosy.”

“People outside were cheering when he finally got the doughnut,” Jensen added. 

The “choosy” raccoon, who was undoubtedly more stealthy than Ariana Grande (remember when she was caught on camera licking and spitting on doughnuts at a California store in July?), even managed to avoid animal control.

“He made it out,” Jensen said. “He’s on the lam.”

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