Teen Mom's Amber Portwood Sentenced to Five Years in Prison

Credit: Splash News Online

Troubled Teen Mom Amber Portwood is headed for the slammer once more -- although this time, she'll be there for a lot longer than a week.

TMZ reports Portwood appeared in an Anderson, Indiana courthouse Tuesday before a judge who decided to reimpose her original five-year prison sentence, following a December 2011 drug arrest.

In lieu of serving time, the former MTV star was initially able to opt in to a court-ordered drug rehabilitation. When she chose to give up the program, the judge hearing Portwood's case said he had no choice but to reinstate his original sentencing.

In mid-May, the mom to Leah, 3, was thrown in jail for a week for skipping out on one of her program's mandatory drug tests -- and then lying about why she couldn't make it.

Citing a "medical condition," Portwood told the court she was recovering from gallbladder surgery, and was under strict orders by her doctor to rest at home for at least two weeks. When prosecutors checked in with her doctor, the specialist admitted the reality star had made the instructions up.