This New Olympics-Themed 'Thank You, Mom' Video Will Make You Cry

This New Olympics-Themed 'Thank You, Mom' Video Will Make You Cry

There from the beginning. Just in time for Mother's Day, P&G debuted its latest "Thank You, Mom" commercial on Wednesday, April 27.

The new ad shows the journey of four athletes growing up, working hard at their respective sports and eventually making it to the Olympics. One of the reasons for their success? Their mothers' encouragement. (No actual Olympians were filmed for the video.)

The two-minute clip shows the moms protecting and encouraging their young children, interspersed with present-day scenes of the athletes performing on an international stage. One mother reassures her frightened son after a bit of plane turbulence, while another reminds her frustrated teen to stick with his passion for sports.

"It takes someone strong to make someone strong," the commercial says. "Thank you, Mom."

"This campaign began with the insight that behind every athlete is an amazing mom," P&G Global Brand Officer Marc Pritchard said in a statement. "We see how strong moms are in every facet of their lives, and how their children draw on that strength as they grow. Through our campaign, we invite everyone to join us in saying 'Thank You' to moms for the role they play in raising strong children."

Back in 2014, P&G released a similar commercial ahead of the Sochi Winter Olympics. The 2016 Rio Summer Games begin on August 5.

Watch the video above!

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