Celebrity Short Cuts

Credit: Brian Ach/WireImage.com

A huge trend and an absolute must for this fall has got to be a pair of leather shorts. Do not be alarmed that you will look like Kurt Von Trapp from The Sound of Music in Lederhosen. Worn here by Rachel Bilson during NY Fashion Week, these hot knickers are rock-and-roll rebellious and selling out like mad.

We spotted them on the runways of Chloe, Hermes and YSL last spring. Then celebrities like Rihanna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Miley Cyrus started to pick it up, and a trend was born. Most shorts sold out and now they're back by popular demand.

These shorts take the place of a miniskirt and make for a great companion to leggings. Mix the shorts with a bootie, but keep it all simple. Probably mixing a motorcycle jacket is not such a great idea, but adding an oversized boyfriend blazer and a nice t-shirt works. A beautiful printed blouse works here too. And keep in mind, your legs must be extremely toned as these can be fitted and tight.

Leather shorts can be had at all prices from the low end-H&M (pictured here, $30, hm.com for locations) to YSL. Try on a few pairs and see what works for you. You can find styles in both pleather and leather, which will obviously cost more. But there's a wide range of prices out there to make everyone happy.

By Sasha Charnin Morrison for UsMagazine.com. To read more of the Recessionista blog, click here.