Watch your back, boys! Gigi Hadid stars in the new campaign video for Versace's latest men's fragrance, Dylan Blue, and she could not be more of a badass in it.

Starring as "Gigi," the local gym's fiercest competitor, the model, 21, struts, kisses and kickboxes her way through city streets alongside a motley crew of handsome men.

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The threads are on point too: When she's not showing off her flawless physique in Versace-emblazoned workout clothing, she's flaunting her mile-long legs in an embellished minidress by the brand.

Meanwhile, a man narrates the mini-movie, shot by the acclaimed fashion photographer Bruce Weber, in Italian. "My dad always used to say, 'You can't live with women and you can't live without them,'" the narrator says. "The way a woman judges you can be pretty rough, one minute you have to be tender, and the next one tough."

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That's when he starts talking about Hadid's tough-girl character: "We have this girl at our sports club who can out-kickbox any of the smaller guys. Just my luck, she doesn't seem to know I exist, except when she's kicking me in the head.… I knew I never stood a chance with Gigi. But in her own way, she loved us all — no matter who won the fight."

Watch the whole steamy video above!

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