How Katy Perry Ended Up With Lavender Hair

Credit: Bruja/Sharma/©

When Katy Perry decided to dye her signature black hair, she wanted her new shade to be "an uncommon color, something not too pink, but not too purple," her colorist and New York City salon owner, Rita Hazan tells Us Weekly.

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"She felt that lavender would keep her look edgy, but still glamorous, and a lighter pastel shade that would work well with her skin tone," says Hazan.

But achieving the 26-year-old's dream color took three trips to the salon ("which is impossible, but we made it work," notes Hazan) and stints as a redhead and a blonde. It also required special nourishing oil treatments to prevent breakage and a top-notch pro overseeing the process.

"It's years of skill and experience...and I prayed to the hair gods!" says Hazan.

So after all that hard work, will the "Last Friday Night" singer stick with the pale purple look?

"Now that she sees how fun color is, I think she'll keep changing it up."

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If you want to see Rita Hazan in action, she'll be on QVC August 12 at Noon and 10 PM.