Miranda Kerr's Stylist: How to Wear This Season's Chic Scarves

Miranda Kerr's simple swoop suits "any height and ensemble," says the model's stylist Jessica Paster. Credit: Dean/NPG.com

Miranda Kerr, Emily VanCamp and Zoe Saldana have all been spotted rocking one of this fall's hottest accessories -- chic scarves -- and no matter how you tie it, the wardrobe staple can make any everyday outfit go from drab to fab. To help you amp up your fall wardrobe, Us Weekly asked Kerr's stylist, Jessica Paster, to share her top tips for how to tie the accessories stars love. Read on for her style tips!

The style that works with any fabric -- twirl it around twice and tie -- acts as a necklace with a plain outfit, notes Jessica Paster of VanCamp's look.

Saldana's take requires trial and error and "an innate swagger," says Paster of the drape for thicker cloths, like wool. "You just have to play around."

A foolproof approach! Kerr's simple swoop (a 35-square-inch silk or cotton swath is ideal) suits "any height and any ensemble," says Paster.