Selfie Shoes Are Now a Real Thing, So We Can All Go Home (Watch the Wild Video!)

Miz Mooz introduces selfie shoes. Yes, selfie shoes. Credit: courtesy of Miz Mooz

Sit down, because there isn't going to be a better revelation today!

Solving the major issue of the Selfie Stick—i.e. where do you store it between shots?!—Miz Mooz has introduced a laser-cut heel in a lovely vintage cherry shade that's about to solve all your picture-taking problems.

How, you ask? The "Selfie Shoe" boasts an open square toe, which serves the double purpose of adorable detail and a dock that you can slip your iPhone into. That way, when you take your next selfie—or should we say, "#shoefie?"—you can snap it from as far as you can stretch your leg up in the air. (Just don't forget to wear undies!)

As Cheryl Matson, Miz Mooz's design director, said, "The selfie stick is a great solution to a problem. But, in turn, it has created a new problem. This was the opportunity for Miz Mooz to create an even greater solution."

As Us Weekly predicted, the "Selfie Shoe" is one big April Fools' joke, the company confirmed. (But, if we're being honest, it's kind of ingenious, no?)

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