New Invention Helps Brides Go to the Bathroom While Wearing Their Wedding Dresses

Maids of honor everywhere, rejoice! A new invention might make the most awkward part of being a bridesmaid obsolete: helping a bride go to the restroom on her wedding day.

"Why hasn't anyone thought of something to help the bride use the bathroom without getting her dress ruined? Or wet, or worse, having several girls in a small stall with you?” Heather Stenlake, the founder of the Bridal Buddy, writes on the website.

Ahead of putting on the wedding dress, brides first put on the adjustable "Bridal Buddy" ($60,, which fits just like a slip. When duty calls, they pull the hem of the Buddy up, taking the entire skirt of the gown with it, and then slip their arms through a pair of holes lined with "something blue." Tightening the Buddy around the neck to secure the dress is the final step before sweet relief. (Watch the video above to see it in action!)

The Buddy, which launched in January 2006 but went viral in March 2016 after a new instructional video was posted in September 2015, comes in two sizes: petite and average/tall.

What do you think of the Bridal Buddy?

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