New Trend Alert: High-Heeled Clogs

Chanel did them. So did Louis Vuitton. So, say hello to this spring and summer's hot trend: The high-heeled clog.

If you hate them, change the channel, people. But if you're staying, this is hot fashion news.

I have always loved clogs because I grew up as a hippie child in Greenwich Village, and they were all around me. You apparently have a style addiction to your earliest fashion memory. So, yes, my closet is a combination new stuff, older stuff and the dawning of the age of Aquarius. Every time I see a clog or that Doctor Scholl look, I go bananas and collect. And if that's not all, the heel height makes me crazy because being a short girl, the regular clogs make me look like I'm standing in a pothole.

These $130 Jeffrey Campbells? I just clicked and paid for them on the spot. (Word to the wise: the style runs a size short, so they recommend you choosing one size up.) The classic clog shape, complete with brass tacks and convertible strap-atop an amped up wood bottom are quickly becoming a crowd favorite. Plus, I love the big gold studs and I love how great they look with mini-skirts or jeans.

- Leather upper
- Convertible strap
- Brass tack detailing
- Leather lining
- Rubber outsoles
- 4" wood heel with 1" platform

Buy it here.

By Sasha Charnin Morrison for To read more of the Recessionista blog, click here.