Recessionista: Palm Bitch

Our great friend, Robert Verdi, who works with a wide range of celebrities from Eva Longoria Parker to Kathy Griffin called me the other day to discuss Real Housewives of New Jersey (he knows all about them and is a Jersey native) and we got to talking about their jewelry.

Us Weekly recently shot the ladies for our new cover and I had two minutes to pull looks together for them. We had no jewelry. Later, Robert told me how he wished he knew so he could have sent over his stuff. Huh?! He's got his own line of baubles available on QVC! Who knew? And you know what, it's hot.

I really love his Palm Bitch-y Vivid Enamel Stretch Bracelet which retails for $34.50. And I'm a stacker, so I love that it comes in aqua (currently waitlisted), hot pink, orange, purple and white. The oval and triangle stations that make up this gold-tone bracelet are accentuated by vividly colored epoxy enamel. You can coordinate them with your little black summer dress or a tunic over white jeans or khakis. QVC even posted a video on their Web site so you can see Robert at work. Gorgeous!

Purchase info: Buy it here.