Recessionista: Ready to Rumba

In the summertime, I just want to run around like a flamenco floozy! I think I was born wearing a flouncy dress and cha cha heels and had an desire early to pile accessories on.

I especially think these tribal-inspired necklaces by Diane von Furstenberg kind of go along with the look. DVF is retailing these for a short time this summer at their New York City boutique for $65 each. Given the price of designer neckwear and accessories lately, I think this is a great purchase. I like the colors and the crafty rawness of it. Plus the necklaces are limited, so not that many chicas will have it. You can stand out if you're able to snag one.

Not every senorita wants to dress up for a fiesta, so just wear this necklace with your khakis and white tees. And if you have that desire to go totally tribal, you can mix pattern over pattern, color on top of color.

Purchase info: Buy DVF's tribal-inspired necklace exclusively at their New York City boutique or call (646) 486-4800 for more details.