Recessionista: Haute Harley

You know a few screws are loose when you start obsessing over something a high-profile celebrity like Rihanna wears.

I have become a complete fashion slave to this woman’s every style move! Question: Should I keep the Chanel bag?  Do I love it? Answer: Well. You will love it more when you see Rihanna walking out of Da Silvano carrying it and you can’t get it anymore. THIS IS WHAT I'VE BECOME: A broke, starry-eyed, foxy-moron!

Alexander McQueen
's open-toed bootie -- with a zipper pull with a skull at the base -- unsnaps to glove your foot like a reverse’s simply sick! And it’s ridiculously expensive. So, I had given up hope of emulating my fave celeb when suddenly, my good friend, the King Of Copy, Steve Madden, created this insane replica of the zip bootie.

It’s not the real thing...but it’s good enough for me! The skull is gone but it’s still got a nice zipper pull. Available in black leather with a 5-inch heel, the open-toed bootie is $149.95. Compared to the original Faithful bootie which is $1,155.00.

Now if I can just make Rihanna's millions, then we’ll really be in business.

Purchase information: Buy it here.