Recessionista: White Out

As I watched the parade of stars attend Diddy and Ashton Kutcher's July 4th White Party for Malaria No More, all I kept thinking about was how pristine and white everything was on arrival, and couldn't help but wonder who got the first spill of red wine on their fancy frock or left the party with grass stains on their pants.

See how your favorite stars spent July 4th!

And suddenly, a new e-mail came into my inbox: about OxiClean's new Spray A-Way blast. The company was reading my mind! I specifically remember that last year, celebrity stylist June Ambrose, who works with Jay-Z among others, told me this was one of her favorite summer must-haves to keep white clothing clean, clean, clean!

Bypass the drycleaner (who may turn it yellow or not get out the stain immediately) and try this instead. I especially like that the bottle, available for $4.99, is so small that you can fit it in your evening clutch with your keys and iPhone.

Purchase info: Buy it here.