Snag Britney's Sexy Black Boots!

Credit: Flynet

Britney Spears is everywhere. On Glee, in the magazines, on TV, web...everyone wants a piece of her. And now you can get that via Candies at Kohl’s (where Brit has her own line!)

These boots -- that popular fold over style with a chic zipper -- are now $44.99 (from $75.)  When celebrities wear the brands they design, it makes us want to buy the stuff, but I happen to really like this boot as well. It's flattering on the leg, very spot on. I also like that they have a rock and roll vibe minus being hugely chunky, studded, buckled, and strappy. It's sized 6-10 and has a really foxy high heel; it looks pretty sturdy so your feet won’t be killing you because of the platform. 

Rock-n-roll never goes out of style, and this boot won't either. You also want something that’s fresh and stands out from the rest of what you have, and this boot is perfect. With this onslaught of fall temperatures, these are the perfect look with the 100 pairs of leggings you have in your closet. Wear them with a poncho over a tunic and leggings and you’re set to go, while keeping your toes nice and warm. This style is limited, so snap these up fast here!

By Sasha Charnin Morrison for To read more of the Recessionista blog, click here.