Taylor Swift Looks Better Than You at the Gym: 6 Impossibly Glamorous Pictures That Prove It

Taylor Swift looks impossibly glamorous for a trip to the gym on July 9, 2014, in NYC. Credit: Raymond Hall/GC Images

Taylor Swift's gym uniform is just slightly different from every other woman on the planet. While most ladies skip the makeup, throw their hair in a ponytail and break out a tank top, leggings or shorts, and running shoes for a workout, the "Red" singer, 24, goes for a more glamorous approach.

The "Mean" singer has been hitting ModelFit with BFF Karlie Kloss and Tracy Anderson's GYM (Gwyneth Paltrow and Kim Kardashian also train under Anderson) while at her New York City apartment this summer, so, unless she's just observing, she's in for a hardcore workout.

But you'd never tell by her impeccable outfits.

Or her perfectly placed hair.

Without frizz or a headband in sight.

And lack of sweat anywhere on her face.

Oh, and there's also the curious question of: Where is her gym bag with all of her sweaty, stinky clothes?