Vanessa Hudgens: Zac Efron's Beard "Is Growing on Me!"

Credit: Dave Hogan/Getty Images; Mark Sullivan/

Not all of Zac Efron's fans are feeling warm and fuzzy about his new facial fuzz. In a Sept. 11 poll, 74% of readers (nearly 8,800 voted) said that the 22-year-old actor's patchy beard wasn't sexy.

The baby-faced star's new look does take some getting used to -- especially for his longtime love Vanessa Hudgens, who has to smooch the freshly bearded Efron.

"It's growing on me. It's growing on me!" Hudgens, 21, told Tuesday at the Axe Music "One Night Only" concert series featuring Weezer, held at Hollywood's Dunes Inn Motel.

Not that the actress and singer doesn't sport some grungey looks herself. She admitted to Us how she tries to avoid photographers when she's out and about. "I dress down, like a bum, kind of," she told Us. "Nobody looks at a bum, you know? That's my theory behind it."

Tell Us: Is Zac's furry face growing on you, too?