Brad Pitt Rescues Woman While Filming World War Z

Entertainment Aug. 26, 2011 AT 6:16PM
Brad Pitt Rescues Woman While Filming World War Z Credit:

Brad Pitt isn't just a good-looking movie star: he's also an everyday hero!

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The 47-year-old father of six was filming a scene for his new movie World War Z in Glasgow, Scotland Thursday when one of 700 extras stumbled to the ground and was nearly trampled.

Without hesitating, Pitt scooped the woman up and brought her back to her feet.

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"Lots of people hurt themselves and Brad came to the rescue of one woman who slipped," a set source told The Scottish Sun. "I don't think she could believe it when Brad picked her up."

"He didn't have time to speak to her as it was mid-shoot. But she said afterwards how grateful she was, despite having a badly grazed knee."

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The woman wasn't the only extra who was injured during the intense World War Z shoot. "Loads of extras suffered bumps and scrapes during the battle scene," the set insider revealed. "An extra playing a soldier was even hit by a moving car, ending up on the vehicle's bonnet, but fortunately he escaped unhurt."

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