Budweiser's "Lost Dog" Super Bowl XLIX Ad Teasers Will Break Your Heart

Budweiser teased its highly anticipated "Lost Dog" Super Bowl XLIX commercial with new photos and GIFs Credit: Courtesy of Anheuser-Busch

Another touchdown for Budweiser? Super Bowl XLIX is still more than a week away, but fans are already eagerly anticipating the big game — and the commercials that come with it. Buzz is building for Anheuser-Busch's "Lost Dog" ad, which features the famed Budweiser Clydesdales and their adorable little canine companion from 2014's heartwarming "Puppy Love" spot.

Ahead of the main event on Sunday, Feb. 1, the beer company has released a few photos and GIFs from the commercial. According to a press release about the ad, it tells the story of how the Budweiser Clydesdales "help a puppy who has lost his way learn the true meaning of friendship."

Teasers from the highly anticipated clip show the little tyke scurrying down the street, squeezing through a tiny crack in an old wooden door, and seeking shelter from the rain in a box.

Another GIF shows a Clydesdale commiserating with his owner, who is also seen posting a "Lost Dog" sign on a telephone pole. The flyer features a picture of the puppy kneeling before one of the brand's giant horses. 

"The Budweiser Clydesdales have appeared in our Super Bowl ads for nearly three decades," Budweiser vice president Brian Perkins said in a release. "This year, they will live up to their reputation and once again save the day in a heartwarming story about best buds never letting you down." 

Fans first saw the puppy-horse friendship in last year's "Puppy Love" commercial, which earned raves all around and was voted the top commercial on Hulu.

Watch last year's ad above, and tell Us what you think of the teasers for this year's spot!