Cee Lo Video Dancer Shares Set Secrets

Florido Basallo, 26, thought he scored his dream gig when he was asked to be a dancer in Cee Lo's retro "Cry Baby" video. And then he learned his co-star would be none other than Jaleel White, A.K.A. Steve Urkel from the hit '90s sitcom Family Matters!

Basallo, who has previously shook it alongside Rihanna, Leona Lewis and the Glee Cast (besides his day job as a stylist at West Hollywood's Nine Zero One salon), tells Us about his plum gig.

UsMagazine.com: How'd you get involved in the music video?

Florido Basallo: A choreographer friend of mine, Jason Young, asked me if I was busy and said he wanted to do this Cee Lo video with me. I jumped to it and I was like, 'For sure!' I love Cee Lo, I love his music, and I think he's an amazing artist. He's out of this world, and it's a fun video. I play the ice cream man!

Us: How'd you get the part?

FB: Usually they hold an audition, but this time around since he knew me, he just asked me to do it. He got a handful of his friends to kind of just do it. It was cool. We had a one-day rehearsal at a studio on July 24, and the next day we shot.

Us: Did Jaleel White come to the rehearsal?

FB: Yeah, he came to the rehearsal, and he was really professional. I had no idea it was him. I was waiting around, thinking, 'where's Cee Lo? I want to meet this guy!' He's a legend, but he never came to rehearsal and he didn't come to the video either. Meanwhile they're shooting the video with Jaleel White, this guy that I grew up watching. It felt like that Fatboy Slim video with Christopher Walken!

Us: How did people react to seeing Urkel?

FB: He jumped in the rehearsal and just did his thing, like such a professional. It was really inspiring. I grew up watching this guy, so you kind of have to stand back and take notes, how these guys who have been doing it and make it their own. All the dancers were killing it, and Jaleel's not a trained dancer, but he was grooving and it was so much fun. He had fun. And he's so humble and down to earth and was just chilling with everybody. We shot on the Disney Ranch north of LA. They have a huge ranch with a New York street. Everyone was doing it. We knew we needed to get this done.

Us: Did anyone bring up Family Matters?

FB: No. I like people to not know that I know who they are. But we did talk about our kids. His daughter likes this show that my son was on. He didn’t bring his daughter, but I wish he had! He was very professional. He was talking to his daughter on the phone and was like, 'Baby, daddy's working. Daddy's at work.' It was so cute!

Us: Did he say what else he’s been up to these days?

FB: I didn’t want to ask him about anything like that. He's busy though. I follow him on Twitter. People call him Jaleel. I wouldn't dare call him Urkel!

Us: Do you know why Cee Lo picked Jaleel?

FB: I don't. Maybe just to change it up? I liked the '60s feel, dancing in the street. I like doing stuff like that. We were there for 16 hours shooting the video. It was only one day of rehearsal, and one day shoot. It was fun, no drama!

By Ian Drew for Us Weekly. To read more of Ian's blog, click here.