Channing Tatum Said Eight Hateful Things to a Kitten and You Must Watch

Channing Tatum Said Eight Hateful Things to a Kitten and You Must Watch

Me-OW! Channing Tatum couldn't make it to the audience taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday, Dec. 7, so instead he and Kimmel came up with a ridiculous sketch that made zero sense: "Channing Tatum Says 8 Hateful Things to a Kitten."

In the video, The Hateful Eight hunk, 35, sits in a magical room filled with hearts, airy clouds, and plush seats. In the center of the room is the cutest blue-eyed, gray-eared kitten. Then, the insults are thrown.

"You're such a piece of s--t," Tatum says to the feline. "Hey, kitten. You smell like garbage and fish, bro."

The actor even makes fun of the kitten's paws. "You know what sucks about you?" Tatum remarks as the defenseless animal looks up at him. "You don't got thumbs."

The eight insults, of course, reference Tatum's new movie, The Hateful Eight, which costars Kurt Russell and Samuel L. Jackson and is directed by Quentin Tarantino. Tatum said during a press junket with Us Weekly and other reporters this past Sunday, Dec. 6, that he was "really intimidated" to work with such a dynamic group.

"It is a unique experience to be in a Quentin movie, I can promise you," he noted. "But every single person was . . . I mean Sam [Jackson], I did my first movie ever with Sam. To come full circle to this is pretty extraordinary. I think on the first day, I must have looked so geeked out because the very first shot was this crazy 360. I'm just wide-eyed and trying to figure out what not to screw up . . . But I just looked so scared. But it was amazing. Every single person here are people that I admire greatly, and [I] was learning something from every single one of them."

The movie hits theaters on Christmas Day, Dec. 25.

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