Dina Lohan: "I Don't Foresee" Lindsay Dying Young

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In part two of her interview with Today's Matt Lauer, Dina Lohan says her daughter, Lindsay, has no problem with drugs or alcohol -- and all her issues can be blamed on "tabloids."

First, Dina and Lauer clarify how many times Lindsay, 24, has been to rehab: Wonderland in 2007, Promises in 2007, Cirque Lodge in 2007 and currently UCLA Medical Center. (In her earlier appearance Friday, Dina insisted it was just twice.) Dina says she put Lindsay in Wonderland after her 2007 DUI arrest, and her other stays were court ordered.

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Lauer questions whether it's smart for Lindsay to leave rehab early, seeing how her prior stays have not been successful.

Replied Dina, "When it's court ordered, it's not your judgment call. It's the court's. So, she is back. She is doing wonderfully there. The judge was recused from the case... she was the one that ordered this last one... because of a legal situation, she may actually get out of rehab earlier at this time. We may have a case against California."

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Lauer asks, "As a mom, has there been a time in her life recently where you've been seriously worried she might die at a young age?" Said Dina, "Well, initially, I put her in Promises... oh gosh, why would you say something as horrible as that?"

When pushed by Lauer about her troubled past and her health, Dina told him, "I don't have a crystal ball. I'm not going to go down that road. I don't foresee... I put her in rehab in 2007. She's 24 now, she's grown up considerably. She's living in a town here, you know... her life is very magnified... it's been very difficult with the tabloids. She can't even go to Starbucks without somebody following her."

Lauer questions Dina again about Lindsay getting out of rehab early, and Dina again denies Lindsay has a problem. "Somebody goes to rehab to rehabilitate themselves, but you're looking at it from what you're reading. It is a completely different dynamic....  When you meet her and you see my child... it's blown out of proportion."

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Drawing the attention back to Lindsay and Dina taking responsibility for their lives, Lauer asks about her decision to paint her nails with "F--k You" when appearing in court. Dina laughs.

"No, actually, that wasn't a choice," she said. "We thought, when she was going to court that day, we thought she was going to be let off and everything was over. We were blindsided. Now that's not the judge on the case anymore. She went overboard."

Lauer presses that Lindsay's choice "raised questions" about her judgment, to which Dina replied, "You can tell your kids whatever ... when they're 18 and 19 and of course in Lindsay's world, when she was catering to them, you kind of lose a little power and control. You want to do that for your children.  You know, without failure, there's no success... It's a whole other world when you're allowed to live your life and experience things with failure and success and come through it, and that's where we are right now. Lindsay is 24 years old, and she's already through it."

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Dina says Lindsay will continue to make movies "because that's what she wants to do," and that Dina will stand behind "whatever she wants."

As for reports that Dina hasn't been involved in Lindsay's life closely enough, she insisted, "I've always been hands on. Maybe my ex husband told you that... I've always had a relationship with all my children. You may read or believe something... but I've always been there for my children. I've been a single mom for 15 years. I've had criminal orders of protection against my ex. He's not really been a part of my life."

What does Dina see for Lindsay's future?

"I think we're gonna be OK. Lindsay, right now, is focusing on charity and saving the next victim of the tabloids," she said. "We've been in this business a long time. We've learned."

When asked if Lindsay had a message, Dina said, "I don't speak for my children. Lindsay's a brilliant woman. She'll do an interview when she comes out. I've taught her to be... very honest and open, and you will all make your own judgment of her."