Heidi Pratt to Director: Cast Me in Transformers 3!

Entertainment May. 20, 2010 AT 9:58AM
Heidi Pratt to Director: Cast Me in Transformers 3! Credit: Denise Truscello/WireImage.com; Eric Charbonneau/Le Studio/Wireimage.com

Now that Megan Fox won't be appearing in Transformers 3, the race to cast Shia LeBoeuf's new love interest in the franchise has begun.

And Heidi Pratt knows just who director Michael Bay should pick: her!

"Michael Bay I love your work!" Pratt, 23, Tweeted Wednesday night. "I know what a artistic brilliant genius you are! Cast me in the next Transformers."

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On Wednesday, Paramount Pictures confirmed to UsMagazine.com that Fox, 24, will not star in the third Transformers film. The actress -- who has slammed director Bay -- subsequently released a statement explained that the departure was "her decision."

In April, Pratt admitted to Us that she "would love to be an action star." The much-operated upon reality star added that "I'm writing a movie right now. It’s very action packed...It's Bourne-meets-Barbie."

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Pratt, who has also Twittered interest in becoming the "blonde Tomb Raider," explained her action-hero qualifications: "I've trained in knife fighting and guns for over two years...So I've been shooting and practicing the whole real-life action figure for years."

But could she handle a chase or love scene? The isolated Hills star later confessed that her surgically enhanced boobs -- now a size E or F depending on the bra -- make it nearly impossible to jog or hug. "I'm very weird about hugging people now," she told Ryan Seacrest. "[My body] is very fragile."

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Pratt has also filmed her movie debut: she shot a cameo in Just Go With It, the comedy starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, last month.

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