Jasmine V. Denies New Video Is About Ex Justin Bieber

OK, let's get this straight: Teen singer Jasmine V., 17, A.K.A Jasmine Villegas, was caught smooching Justin Bieber while she was his opening act during the pop star's My World tour last year. At the time, he insisted they were "just friends" before partnering up with Selena Gomez. And now Villegas has released a video called "Just A Friend," about a relationship where the guy -- played by an actor who looks exactly like JB - - also insists that's all they are when much more is going on behind the scenes. 

To add salt to that big wound, she also titled her new mixtape (out Thursday – and it includes the song) S(he) Be(lie)ve(d) - which seems to nod to his next album title, Believe, and, well, you can read between the parentheses to figure out the rest.

I just had to figure out what's up with that? So I rang up Jasmine to ask. Check out the "Just Friends" video above and then read below to see how the little lady explains herself. And if none of that isn't enough, visit jasminevmusic.com.

US: Explain this mixtape.

JV: This is kind of like a special edition free mix tape for my fans while I record the first full album. There are 9 songs on the mix tape., and it's just basically a journal of a relationship. My fans have been waiting a while for me to put some music out. A lot of it was inspired by my fans and its just a situation that I wrote about with the writers and producers.

US: How did you get started singing anyway? You used to be an actress?

JV: I got started with acting and modeling first. I was walking from an audition and I was signing with my little brother and some guy heard me singing. I was 11 years old and he went up to my mom and was like, 'She has a beautiful voice and should really have you know singing career.' He videotaped me singing and put it on Youtube and sent it to people he knew in the business. I started performing for high schools, and I did the national anthem for boxing matches and baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer games. and that's kind of how I got started.

Us: You also had a small part in Kanye West's "Jesus Walks" video! How did that happen?

JV: That was actually a part of my whole acting/modeling thing. It was really fun. It was actually one of my first music videos I was ever in. I actually never got to meet him. It was a bummer. He shot the day before. But it was still fun, even though I didn't get to meet him and I was looking forward to that.

US: And then you started singing more while acting. How did you get to open for Justin Bieber on his My World tour last year?

JV: Well, I was in the "Baby" video. I actually was the baby in it! I was the lead girl -- the one that was bowling… It was the first time I met him. Once I did that, his people talked to my record label and invited me on the tour. We had a great time. I got to experience my first big tour and performing in front of sold-out arenas. It was just weird because I was the only girl and had to sing love songs to all these other girls in the seats with not many guys out there.

US: Tell me about who you titled your mix tape S(he) Be(lie)ve(d).

JV: The title sums up all the songs. Its basically about a teenage girl being in love and naive to a guy that she really likes. She believes in everything he says and at the end of the day, he lied. Everything he said was just a big lie. And so all my songs relate to that -- a heartbroken girl going through all these crazy emotions to find the person that she really wants to be with.

US: Besides the title of the mix tape sounding like it-s a nod to Justin's Believe, what about "Just A Friend" seeming to mirror your situation with him?

JV: A lot of people [think] it's about that… "Just A Friend" has a lot of people saying it's about a certain situation with [Justin]0 -– but it's really not. I've had some fans come up to me about this same situation, and that's how I went on to write it. I know there is kind of like a funny resemblance, but I really really like Tupac Shakur, and I really love how he like raps about other people's situations in like his albums. So I kind of put that into my songs. It's their situation.

US: But the actor in the video even looks just like Justin!

JV: That's so funny. Because that's actually one of my really close friends. So that's just a really funny coincidence. Look, people have their own opinions and if they want to think that the video is about him, at the end of the day what they believe is that. Personally, I know what it's about and how I came up with the song and the video but I mean if they keep saying that, it's pretty funny.

US: So is it about him?

JV: No it actually really isn't. People probably think that because the guy looks like Justin or the concept or because I hang out with him. But its actually not. It's a situation that people have gone through and I thought it was a really cool concept to write a song about. Everything that happened with him is all from the past, and at the end of the day we did hang out. With someone that's as big like Justin Bieber, people are going to think that you're together, or a girlfriend, if you do that. We did touch on that.

US: So you did date him?

JV: That's personal. But we're cool as friends now and that's all that really matters.

US: So when you were hanging out with Justin all the time, did you get a lot of his rabid fans calling you names and hating on you on Twitter?

JV: Oh my God, yeah! It was an every day thing. Because his fans are like really supportive and dedicated, so it was like every day. But as much hate as you get, you get the same amount of love. If not that, even more. It's just something that you just have to get used to. I still get that. But at the end of the day, I always tell myself that you can't please everybody.

US: How do you feel about Selena Gomez?

JV: I'm happy for them as a couple. I actually was in a TV show with her when we were little and I played her little sister! It was a pilot called Housebroken. I was 13. It didn't get picked up, but it was one of my first acting jobs. That was the first time I met her and I haven't actually spoken to her since. We're cool as friends though and she's really cool.

US: Any new boyfriends for you?

JV: That's kind of something personal to me. But yeah I'm a young teenage girl. But I've got a good circle of people around me.

US: What did you learn most from your time with Justin?

JV: I really learned how to perform in front of a huge crowd, and deal with a lot of haters, too! But, no I really learned how to hold my own and I really learned a lot from everyone on the tour. I became really good friends with Sean Kingston, too, who is my label mate. He taught me to just be positive. And I'm still friends with Justin. I haven't talked to him lately, but I'm still really close with him.

US: So has he seen the video yet?

JV: Not that I know of!

By Ian Drew for Us Weekly. To read more of Ian's blog, click here.