Julia Roberts Grills David Letterman on His Secret Marriage

On Tuesday's Late Show, Julia Roberts teased David Letterman about his hush-hush March 19 marriage to Regina Lasko, which Usmagazine.com first reported. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

"I don't know if I can look you in the eye anymore..." Roberts told the late night talk show host. "Last time I saw you, you were single and then I, like, hypnotized you in my white suit or something and you went off and married Regina."

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When Julia asked if Regina took Letterman's name, he said yes. "So she's Mrs. Letterman?" Roberts asked. "No," Letterman deadpanned, "she's Dave."

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Roberts asked Letterman if there was any video of the ceremony. Letterman told her it "was me, it was my son, it was Regina and the justice of the peace, and that was it." "I mean, it's legal, that's the most important thing, right?" he asked.

Of marriage, Roberts (who has been wed to filmmaker Danny Moder for nearly seven years), told Letterman, "You're bound for eternity." He shot back, "That's right, and never been more deeply in love." The audience applauded.

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Roberts then called Letterman's new wife "lovely and, no doubt, tolerant woman." Replied Letterman, "Yes, and I know she's watching at home."