Bachelorette's Justin: Producers Made Show "Living Hell" for Me

Entertainment Jul. 1, 2010 AT 10:53AM
Bachelorette's Justin: Producers Made Show "Living Hell" for Me Credit: ABC/CRAIG SJODIN

Bachelorette's Justin "Rated R" Rego is on the defensive.

On Monday's episode, Ali Fedotowsky furiously chewed him out after discovering that he had a girlfriend back home. (Rego's girlfriend Jessica even chatted on the phone with Fedotowsky to confirm his betrayal.)

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But Rego has a different take. On Wednesday, the villainized contestant posted a long statement on his Facebook page complaining how he was "betrayed, manipuated and unfairly lied to" on the show.

"I was not in a relationship before I went on the show and I am still single now," he claims. "I went on the show to experience an opportunity with possibilities of meeting the love of my life."

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He explains that he and ex-girlfriend Jessica had gotten back in contact just prior to his filming of The Bachelorette. Following Rego's serious wrestling injury, he says that Jessica helped him convalesce, but implies that their reunion never became romantic. "She showed me a side of her that I had never seen before, a side that I would call close to perfection in my eyes," he said.

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"After I have learned everything that has happened, I have reason to believe that there was a second motive to her positive behavior before I left to film The Bachelorette," he adds bitterly.

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He adds that he's not going to attend The Men Tell All special as a result.

"The Producers of The Bachelorette took this experience that was supposed to be an amazing moment that I will never forget, and made it into a living hell for me," he snipes.

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