Mariah Carey Cooks Frito Pie, Fixes Her Hair in Funny or Die Sketch: Watch Now!

The world’s not ready for Mariah Carey’s new cooking show! And it turns out, neither is she. In this new Funny or Die sketch, the “Infinity” songstress is the host of Cooking With Mariah Carey And Also With Bryan, featuring the overly enthusiastic Bryan Safi.

“The premise of the show is very narrow, so bear with us,” Safi explains.

In the segment, Carey makes her specialty, Frito pie, as a nod to her new song lyrics, “Boy, you actin’ so corny like Fritos.” It turns out, Carey dated a man named Frito who stole her car.

Later in the clip, Carey’s longtime pal, director Brett Ratner makes a special guest appearance to taste the disgusting culinary creation. 

Watch the clip to see Mariah Carey’s constant adjustment to her lengthy golden locks!