Meredith Vieira: 25 Things You Don't Know About Me

Meredith Vieira Credit: Michael Stewart/Getty

Meredith Vieira shares the 25 things you don't know about her with Us Weekly. The journalist, 59, will host Millionaire's Countdown to the Oscars week Feb. 18-22.

1. If I could, I would wear jeans, a white T-shirt and clogs every day.

2. I prefer purple Popsicles.

3. When I was a child, another girl called me fat and I never got over it.

4. Heaven to me is walking or running along a deserted beach on Cape Cod.

5. When I'm alone in the car, I sing at the top of my lungs. I actually think I sound good!

6. In fourth grade, my glee club director told me to mouth the words.

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7. On one of my first dates with my husband, Richard, he bought two lobsters to cook -- but I made him release them.

8. My heart wants me to become a vegan, but my stomach craves lobster salad. Hypocrite!

9. I still get nervous before I go on-air.

10. When I fly, I carry a stuffed Sylvester Puddy Tat. My mom gave it to me when I started at CBS News because I had to travel and was scared of flying.

11. I have no sense of direction.

12. My favorite time of day is dusk.

13. My sexual awakening came at 10 when I saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. I hugged my pillow pretending it was Paul McCartney.

14. I do still hug my pillow.  However, I am no longer delusional.

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15. My first day in New York, a pigeon pooped on my head.

16. I love pigeons. And hats.

17. I worry too much about what other people think.

18. My favorite interviews are with kids because they never worry about what other people think.

19. I love Jean Naté After-Bath Splash.

20. Growing up, I knew my parents loved me, but they rarely said it. So I make a point of telling my three kids every time we talk.

21. I enjoy laughing so hard I cry.

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22. I hate laughing so hard I pee.

23. I'm addicted to Downton Abbey, Homeland and The Bachelor. A psychiatrist could have a field day!

24. I started smoking at 15 and quit in 1988 when I learned I was pregnant.

25. If I make it to 90, I plan to celebrate my birthday in Paris with a glass of wine and a cigarette. Just one.