Caught red-handed! The men profiled in Oxygen's newest reality show might think they're getting away with juggling multiple women in their dating lives, but they're about to realize how very wrong they are when their victims confront them all together in Player Gets Played.

The new show debuts Wednesday, June 10 at 9:30 p.m. on the cable network. Each episode follows one woman with a sneaking suspicion that her boyfriend isn't as loyal as he claims — and it turns out that she's right. Once the scorned women discover the truth (thanks to social media and friends), they'll team up and teach their paramour a lesson.

In the premiere episode, R&B singer Elijah is confronted by girlfriend Emily and the two other women he's wooed.

Check out Us Weekly's exclusive sneak peek of the new series above — it's the stuff many a pop song was made of.