Pretty Little Liars' Ashley Benson "So Excited" to Learn A's Identity

Entertainment Jan. 3, 2012 AT 5:08PM

After its shocking mid-season finale, Monday's return of Pretty Little Liars revealed a new set of secrets -- except for the identity of the mysterious "A."

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Like the ABC Family show's many devoted viewers, series star Ashley Benson (who plays Hanna Marin) is eager to find out who's been tormenting the girls of Rosewood.

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"I'm so excited. I've been asking the producers little things about what's going to happen in the next script and what I'm going to be doing, but they're not telling me anything!" she says.

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Fans will learn who "A" is later this season, but don't expect Benson, 22, to provide any spoilers.

"Our scripts are on lockdown and our table read has been pushed," she says. "I'm very excited to see how everything turns out."

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