Will Fran Drescher go from Happily Divorced to Happily Married when Ralph Macchio guest stars on Wednesday's episode of the TV Land comedy?

If she plays her cards right, it's a definite possibility. In a sneak preview from the hit TV series, Macchio, 50, takes a liking to Drescher's florist alter-ego, Fran Lovett.

"You're so easy to get along with. You're like every chick I grew up with, except you're not in jail," Macchio's Frankie gushes.

Without missing a beat, Fran deadpans: "Well, prisons come in all forms."

Frankie continues to praise Fran, telling her: "You're pretty perfect, Fran. Except you're a little too skinny."

After that particular compliment, Fran is sure Frankie -- an aspiring pizza parlor owner -- is The One. "How do you feel about your children being Jewish?" she asks, only half-kidding.

Macchio isn't the first big guest star to appear on the second season of Happily Divorced: Morgan Fairchild, 62, Rosie O'Donnell, 50, and Dan Akyroyd, 59, have each lent their talents to the show.

Happily Divorced airs Wednesday at 10:30 p.m. EST on TV Land.