The Bachelor: Was Courtney's Apology Genuine?

We get it, Courtney Robertson -- you're sorry!

Ben Flajnik's frontrunner offered a serious mea culpa on Monday's Women Tell All episode of The Bachelor, breaking down in tears apologizing for her nasty behavior toward fellow contestants including Blakeley Shea -- whom she called a stripper -- and Nicki Sterling, whom Robertson gave the nickname "Fatty" behind her back.

"[The Bachelor] brought out the worst in me. It wasn't ever my intention to hurt anyone -- I was just trying to keep my head above water," she said after Flajnik's jilted bachelorettes raked her over the coals during the Chris Harrison-hosted special. "No one gives you a manual about how to be on The Bachelor, and I handled it poorly."

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Also apologizing to Flajnik for her seen-on-TV antics, Robertson -- who tried on wedding dresses February 29 in L.A. -- begged her costars to understand that the woman seen on The Bachelor wasn't really her. "I came here for the same hopes and dreams you did -- for Ben -- and if I hurt your feelings, I'm really sorry," she said. "I hope you guys can find it in your heart to forgive me. I'm not a mean-spirited person."

Tell Us: Was Courtney's apology to the women genuine?

Was Courtney's apology genuine?


Was Courtney's apology genuine?

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