Which Glee Finale Shocker Surprised You Most?

Entertainment Feb. 22, 2012 AT 10:54AM
Which Glee Finale Shocker Surprised You Most? Credit: FOX
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Karofsky's suicide attempt
28% 525
Quinn's accident
72% 1376

Given the shocking turn of events on Tuesday's Glee winter finale, the rest of senior year at McKinley High is sure to be one to watch.

As the New Directions gang continued to react to Rachel and Finn's engagement news, Karofsky and Quinn took center stage in two of season three's biggest shockers.

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After openly gay Kurt (Chris Colfer) rejected former closeted bully Karofsky (Max Adler)'s romantic advances, the jock was outed by his teammates and attempted suicide when he couldn't handle the humiliating aftermath. Luckily, Karofsky's father caught him just in time, and the teen reconciled with Kurt during his hospitalization.

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With their Regionals appearance looming, Rachel (Lea Michele) and Finn (Cory Monteith) decided there was no time but the present to get hitched, and vowed to walk down the aisle after they triumphed over The Warblers in the all-important singing competition.

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Having come to terms with her pals' engagement, Quinn (Dianna Agron) opted to attend the City Hall ceremony in the nick of time, but found herself involved in a scary texting-while-driving accident on the way home to get her bridesmaid dress.

Which finale shocker surprised you most? What do you think will come of Quinn's accident? Leave your thoughts on Tuesday's episode in the comments section!

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