Who Should Be Cast in Dirty Dancing?

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Zac Efron and Emma Stone
33% 6804
Justin Timberlake and Natalie Portman
16% 3218
Taylor Lautner and Vanessa Hudgens
18% 3625
Another celebrity couple
33% 6789
Entertainment Aug. 9, 2011 AT 7:57PM
Who Should Be Cast in Dirty Dancing? Credit: Getty Images

Which celebrity pairing is qualified to step into Baby and Johnny's dancing shoes?

On Tuesday, Lionsgate announced plans to remake Dirty Dancing, the 1987 classic that starred Jennifer Grey (Baby) and the late Patrick Swayze (Johnny).

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Kenny Ortega, who choreographed the original movie, has been tapped to direct, and Us Weekly wants to know which Hollywood stars should play the iconic movie couple.

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Zac Efron, 23, is a natural choice given his High School Musical history. (The three films, coincidentally, were choreographed by Ortega). Emma Stone, 22, got her big break on the 2004 reality series In Search of the Partridge Family. Though she won the role of Laurie Partridge, the follow-up series never materialized and Stone has yet to find a role that highlights her singing and dancing abilities.

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Justin Timberlake, 30, is also a likely replacement for Swayze's character, given his highly successful music career. Paired with Natalie Portman, 30, who endured grueling dance rehearsals for her Oscar-winning role in Black Swan, the two could create box office magic.

Twilight heartthrob Taylor Lautner, 19, has often bragged about his dance moves -- so why not put them to the test? Paired with 22-year-old Vanessa Hudgens (who starred opposite then-boyfriend Efron in High School Musical), the actors could breathe new life into the franchise.

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Still, Ortega admits it won't be easy to find people as charismatic as Grey and Swayze. "Patrick Swayze set the bar for men dancing in the movies as Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire did before him," he said.

Tell Us: Which celebrity pairing should star in the Dirty Dancing remake?

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