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Snooki Wants a Boob Job After Nursing Baby Lorenzo: They’re Not “Perky” Enough

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Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi told Us that she's thinking about getting a boob job after nursing baby Lorenzo.

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has worked hard to shed her baby weight over the past few months, but the reality star admits that there's one body part she'll probably need a little help with.

"If I were to get any surgery — I've never been under the knife before, so it's very terrifying — I do want to get my boobs done eventually," the 25-year-old mom told Us Weekly at the Team Snooki Music Launch event at the Bounce Sporting Club on Wednesday, April 10. "Now they're just a flap of skin."

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Polizzi, who shed an impressive 42 pounds after giving birth to baby Lorenzo in August 2012, added that being a mother has taken its toll on her body, which is why she has been hitting the gym so diligently.

"[My tummy's] getting more toned, but when you have a baby, you're going to have this loose skin that just walks around with you and jiggles everywhere," she told Us. "It's still there. Hopefully I can get that away with a couple crunches."

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Earlier this week, Polizzi was quoted as saying that pregnancy is "disgusting," but the pint-sized reality star clarified those comments to Us that she has to clarify the statements, especially after several fans and haters lashed back.

"Pregnancy is a blessing. I loved it. I'm so happy that I have my baby," she said. "But it's disgusting because you sh-t yourself and you pee yourself and you throw up everywhere. And you gain so much weight. It's not a fabulous thing that's what I meant."

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For now, however, Polizzi is choosing to focus on the positive, like her new venture into the music sphere — with artists B-Capp, Veronica Koles and Adela — as well as the house she and fiance Jionni LaValle are currently building in North Jersey.

And as for a wedding, the Jersey Shore star said it'll likely be a while yet before she and LaValle decide to say "I do."

"The fact that Lorenzo is growing up right now and I have all these products coming out — I don't want to rush it," she said. "Your wedding is supposed to be a magical day that you're supposed to remember forever."

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