This Viral ‘Harry Potter’–Themed Baby Photo Shoot Will Make Your Day

Sebastian and Theodore
Sebastian and Theodore Kelsey Clouse

Katherine and Jesse Oldfield are now parents of two little internet celebrities after their Harry Potter–themed baby photo shoot went viral on Facebook, with 54,000 likes and nearly 90,000 shares. 

The Medford, Oregon–based mom and dad re-created a scene from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for the July 2 shoot, and enlisted the help of Lune de la Rogue Photography’s Kelsey Clouse. 

Sebastian, 2, took on the role of the bespectacled Harry Potter, while Theodore — who was just 4 days old at the time — played the screeching mandrake, a plant with a babylike root.

Theodore Kelsey Clouse

According to Jesse, his toddler didn’t want to cooperate at first. “Sebastian’s facial expression in the photo pretty much sums up how he felt the whole time about a new sibling coming into the household,” the 31-year-old certified financial planner tells Us Weekly. “It wasn’t until we dressed him up as Harry that he was willing to sit and get his picture taken.”

Meanwhile, sleepy newborn Theodore was so content in the pot, Jesse and Katherine, 29, were worried they wouldn’t get their wailing shot. “But when I began to lift him out he started to fuss,” says Jesse. “And that’s when the magic happened.”

The Oldfield Family
The Oldfield Family Kelsey Clouse

Jesse and Katherine dressed up as Harry Potter and Hermione for their first Halloween together. And when Sebastian was 8 months old, Katherine staged a Harry Potter–themed graveyard shoot. 

Daynie Paul/Courtesy of The Oldfield Family

“We have not yet read Harry Potter to our kids, but once they get a little older, we will definitely begin the series,” Jesse tells Us. “Household rule: They are not allowed to watch the movies until they read the books first!”

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