Australian ‘Bachelor’ Contestants Who Fell in Love With Each Other Defend Their Relationship

Tiffany Scanlon and Megan Marx
Tiffany Scanlon and Megan Marx Courtesy of Tiffany Scanlon/Instagram

An unexpected Bachelor couple! Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon both appeared on the Australian version of The Bachelor to compete for Richie Strahan’s heart earlier this year, but when they were both sent home, they started dating each other. Now, the two women are defending their relationship and appearing topless on the cover of the January issue of Maxim Australia

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While some have claimed their romance is for “publicity or money,” the couple choose to ignore the haters. “I think without people knowing us, and seeing us together, it can all seem a bit ‘too good to be true,’” Marx, 27, told Maxim Australia, via The Huffington Post. “Some people can be fairly negative, but there is also so much support so we are trying to focus on that.” 

Scanlon, 30, said that she doesn’t care if people don’t believe their relationship is real. “Usually we just say, ‘OK, you can think what you like.’ I don’t have the time of energy to spend trying to convince the critics that we are together,” she said. “It just makes me sad that we live in such a cynical world where a lot of people choose to believe it is a lie rather than having trust and faith in that it is the truth.”

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They hope that speaking out about their love story will help people become more accepting of the LGBT community. “I’m feeling really proud, but also hoping it might change some people’s attitudes about same-sex relationships,” Marx told Maxim Australia, while Scanlon added, “I love Megan so much and I’m excited to share that love with Australia.”

Scanlon also took to Instagram to share a photo of their sexy cover, which names them Couple of the Year. In a lengthy caption, she wrote, “I have always and will always continue to advocate acceptance and no labels in all areas of life. I dont label myself or my relationship; I simply live and love and create life on my own terms. … If you think that this is some fake anti feminist lesbianised sexual male fantasy then you are only aiding in the judgemental backward thinking of society whether you are straight, gay, bi or however else you choose to label yourself.”

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The couple first revealed they were dating in October when Marx posted an Instagram birthday shout-out for Scanlon, in which she described their instant connection when they met on night one of The Bachelor at the first cocktail party. 

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