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Cam McDaniel, “Ridiculously Photogenic” Football Player: Phenomenon Is “Comical”

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Was it a bona-fide action shot? Or was college football player Cam McDaniel posing for a staged ad campaign in his helmet-less photo gone viral? The ladies of the Today show grilled the handsome Notre Dame running back, 22, in an awkward interview on Friday, Oct. 25.

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Dubbed the “ridiculously photogenic” athlete, the hunky social media star has snagged America’s attention– not for his 92 yard rush against USC at a home game on Saturday, Oct. 19, but for a picture that captures McDaniel without his helmet as he is being tackled. Rather than conveying anguish or a grunt-y face, the player, with his tousled hair and smoldering good looks, appears to be gazing off into the distance, posing as if he is modeling in a Ralph Lauren ad campaign.

Cam McDaniel

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What does McDaniel think of the hullaballoo over the shot? “To be honest, I found it a bit comical,” the college junior admitted.

“Let me ask you this, Cam. Are you real?” joked Savannah Guthrie. “Also what’s your phone number?” McDaniel sheepishly blushed and didn’t reply.

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Indeed, McDaniel is spoken for — and engaged! Talking about fiancee Stephanie Sterrett, he said, “She knows I’m taken.” Sterrett, for her part, doesn’t seem to mind the attention her man is receiving. She tweeted at the Today show following the segment, “can’t blame the girls for adoring him! He is pretty amazing..I think I’ll keep him;) #inlove #lovinglife.”