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Kim Kardashian Wishes She Could Take a Selfie With Jesus

Kim Kardashian Selfie
Kim Kardashian wishes she could take a selfie with Jesus.

Sorry, Kanye and North West! Kim Kardashian has revealed her ideal selfie partner, and neither her husband nor daughter made the cut. During a Twitter Q&A with T-Mobile Feb. 2, Kardashian, 34, was asked by a fan whom she’d choose to take a selfie with, living or dead. Her response, is, well, surprising.

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"My dad," Kardashian initially tweeted to a fan page account set up for her sisters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, adding heart emoticons for her late father, Robert Kardashian, Sr. The married mom, however, was conflicted about choosing just one person, so she added onto her response. "Or Jesus. Or Marilyn Monroe. I can't decide!" she tweeted.

The selfie queen poked fun at her penchant for self-centered photography in a Super Bowl XLIX ad for T-Mobile titled "#KimsDataStash." In the ad, the reality star — set to release her own coffee table book of selfies she's taken — exaggerated her habit in a faux-serious spot for the company's data plan. "Each month, millions of gigs of unused data are taken back by wireless companies. Tragic! Data you paid for that could be used to see my makeup, my backhand, my outfits, my vacations, and my outfits! Help save the data," she said in the ad.

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During the T-Mobile chat, Kardashian also gave fans her take on motherhood. When one participant asked how she juggles her career with family, Kardashian said North, 19 months, is always top of mind. "All the things you used to do, you just don't care about anymore," her tweet response read. "Your child becomes the No. 1 priority."

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She also revealed little Nori's latest milestones — including a naughty moment. "She actually flushed Kanye's phone down the toilet," Kardashian tweeted when a fan asked what her response would be to the toddler taking such an action. "But I think I have a hook-up at T-Mobile."

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