About a Boy Preview: Minnie Driver’s TV Son Plays Matchmaker


Is love in the air for Fiona (Minnie Driver) on NBC's new series About a Boy? Not if Will Freeman (David Walton) and his smoke-blowing barbecue grill can help it! In a sneak preview from the Tuesday, Feb. 25 episode of the series — based on Nick Hornby's bestselling novel — single musician Will enjoys every moment of his bachelorhood, until Fiona and her precocious son move in next door.

A free-spirited single mom relocating to San Francisco with her son Marcus, Fiona finds herself quickly at odds with Will, who has nary a care after recording a hit song and living off the residuals. In the scene above, Fiona angrily confronts Will for disrupting her meditation session by blowing smoke from his barbecue grill over the fence that separates their backyards. "You don't have to eat [the food]," Will snaps to Fiona, who later confirms she's a vegan. "Smelling is ingesting," she retorts.

Benjamin Stockham, Minnie Driver and David Walton
Minnie Driver's TV son (Benjamin Stockham) attempts to play matchmaker for his single mom Fiona and their hunky musician neighbor Will (David Walton) on NBC's About a Boy. Watch a video preview above!<br /> John Russo/NBC

Just as the duo prepare to go their separate ways, Fiona's son Marcus (Benjamin Stockham) runs out into the yard, eager to meet their new neighbor. "I'm Marcus. Me and my mom moved to San Francisco to improve our lives and discover ourselves. My mom's meditating because it's scientifically proven to help with depression," the precocious elementary schooler explains.

Before long, young Marcus is trying to set the unwilling pair up on their first date. "She's single," he muses.

For Will's candid reaction — and more from About a Boy before a new episode airs Tuesday — watch the video above now!

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