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Bachelor in Paradise Finale Recap: After Carly and Kirk Split, Tanner Proposes to Jade, and She Says …

BIP Jade Tanner Tenley Josh
Things get serious for the couples in Paradise. ABC/Rick Rowell

As Bachelor in Paradise came to a close, Carly wasn’t the only one reeling from her breakup from Kirk. All of the remaining ladies — especially Jade — seemed totally taken aback by the reality that such a solid couple could fall apart so unexpectedly. (Granted, Kirk had been having doubts for some time, but he hadn’t given Carly even a hint that his feelings were changing.)

Sensing that Jade was really shaken by the split, Tanner said, “She could either feel sad for Carly but stay excited for me — or she could let this breakup get inside her head a little bit.” For the record, it seemed like the split was pretty inside Jade’s head.

Other couples were questioning their connections as well. Though Cassandra admitted she and Justin had hit it off, she was nervous about whether to go to the fantasy suite with him since they’d only just met. Tenley also seemed torn about what to do with Joshua, explaining that she was “trying really hard not to make the same mistakes” she’d made in the past.

Nick and Samantha

Things seemed to be going swimmingly for Nick and Samantha, though. Nick reminded Samantha that they had started chatting at least “three months” before arriving in Paradise, noting that if they’d only met a week ago, they might not be “this excited about moving forward.” (He was excited, at least.)

Samantha reassured him that she was in Paradise with “sincere intentions” and she was “100 percent” with him.

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Then, to Nick’s very obvious delight, they headed to the fantasy suite and he made some not-so-slightly suggestive comments about “going deep” with her. (Ugh, really?)

BIP Nick, Sam, Cassandra, and Justin
Nick, Sam, Cassandra, and Justin bond during their last days in Paradise. ABC/Rick Rowell

Justin and Cassandra

Justin and Cassandra seemed to be getting along great, but when the topic of the fantasy suite came up, she said she thought it would be “inappropriate,” considering the short time they’d known each other. “I think it would be good to just take it slow,” she offered.

Justin was clearly disappointed, but took the news like a gentleman and left her for the night. Despite their lack of an overnight together, however, it was obvious that these two liked each other regardless of their uncertain future beyond Paradise.

Tenley and Joshua

Though Tenley reiterated over and over how great she thought Joshua was, she was still concerned over how compatible they would be once their beach vacation was over.

“Joshua and I in Paradise are really, really amazing and I just don’t know what’s to come outside of Paradise,” she said to the camera.

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When she expressed her concerns to Joshua, he replied, “I’m freaked out too, but I also know that I like what’s happening so much that I don’t want it to end.”

Ultimately, Tenley decided to “give it a chance” and accompanied him to their fantasy suite.

Jade and Tanner

Though Jade was still on edge over Carly’s breakup, Tanner plowed forward and told her point-blank how he felt.

“Over the last week things have gotten even more real for me. And I love you, Jade, 100 percent. It’s crazy to think about because my mind is saying, ‘What the hell are you doing, Tanner? You haven’t known this person that long.’ But my heart is telling me that the feelings are real and I do love you.” At that moment, Jade’s fears melted away and she told him she felt the same.

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“I feel misunderstood a lot. Other people don’t really get me and I feel like you totally do and it blows my mind because I’ve never felt like that,” she mused. “It’s really hard to say the words, but I love you too, Tanner.”

The Final Roses

Host Chris Harrison popped in to remind everyone the significance of giving roses in this final ceremony — namely, that the flowers indicated the couples were committed to each other outside of Paradise.

Justin offered his rose to Cassandra, who accepted. They both reiterated that their relationship was “new,” but that they were excited to see where it could go. “I’m excited to go on some great dates, just us, without cameras,” she explained.

Nick offered his rose to Sam, telling her he had “prayed so long” for a woman like her. She called him her “prince charming” and accepted. “Meeting Nick made me realize what a real man is,” she explained to the camera. “I’m glad I stayed because everything happens for a reason.”

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Joshua offered his rose to Tenley, saying that he wanted to give their romance a shot, but she ultimately decided the logistical complications and long distance would be too much to weather.

“You’re an amazing man. I feel like — oh my god, my heart is beating so fast — you definitely restored hope for me to be able to have a great love and to find a man who is kind and caring and attentive and affectionate,” she said before explaining that if they pursued a relationship, eventually one of them would have to move. “I don’t think that’s fair for either of us,” Tenley said through tears.

And One Ring!

Last up were Tanner and Jade, and he wasted no time getting right to business.

“Coming into Paradise, I really didn’t have any expectations about meeting somebody or falling in love with somebody,” he said. “I’ve never met anybody who makes me feel the way I feel with you.” A clearly touched Jade then told Tanner how she felt.

“You make me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, and worthy, and understood, which I don’t think I’ve ever felt from a man before, and I think even though Paradise is ending, I have a sense of peace about it because we both want to work on a future together,” she said.

“I can’t give you this rose today,” Tanner said, prompting Jade to worry. But she had nothing to fear … at all!

“What we have is worth is so much more than a rose — than a million roses — I love you, Jade, and I want to keep on loving you for the rest of my entire life,” Tanner said as he got down on one knee and presented her with a Neil Lane sparkler. “Will you make me the happiest man on Earth and marry me?” Without hesitation, Jade said yes.

And so this season of Bachelor in Paradise ended with Tanner leading a toast to “the happiest day” of his life.

Tell Us: Were you surprised Tanner popped the question to Jade?

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