The Bachelorette Recap: Nick Viall Returns and Kaitlyn Sends Clint Packing

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Nick Viall
Nick Viall returned to The Bachelorette to win Kaitlyn Bristowe's heart in the June 8 episode of the ABC hit. 

Last week’s episode of The Bachelorette culminated with Kaitlin Bristowe declaring that Clint was “one of the biggest douches in Bachelor history,” and this week she made good on her promise to tell him what she thought. “I give you a rose and you don’t give anything back,” she began, prompting Clint to force her to admit that he didn’t disappoint her during their one-on-one date, or during their time together earlier in the evening (where he laid lines on thick). 

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Clint continued his defense against the other guys in the house, arguing, “I think they might just be jealous of the connection that we have.” He went on to claim that he had been “nothing but nice” to the rest of the suitors. Ultimately, Kaitlyn remained unswayed.

“I really feel upset right now because I really, really, really like you,” she lamented before adding, “I’m done. I don’t trust you.” She brought Clint back to the house to let him say goodbye to the guys, and—in a rather shocking twist—JJ turned on Clint.

Bachelorette Clint
Kaitlyn had Clint leave the competition in The Bachelorette’s June 8 episode.

“I think you should say sorry to all of us right now because you are taking time and emotions,” Clint’s former BFF said. “There is an emotional energy that gets taken away and I just think that has to be said now.” An obviously stunned Clint made his way toward the limo waiting outside—but not before telling JJ “I’m going to f—ing kill you” and calling his ex-friend a “piece of s—.”

In the aftermath of Clint’s sudden exit, both JJ and Kaitlyn needed a minute to regroup. He did so by wandering off alone to berate himself for what he’d done. She decided to skip that night’s rose ceremony entirely. Her announcement received a lukewarm response, because many of the guys were hoping she would send JJ packing as well. The glum atmosphere lightened up, however, when Chris Harrison announced they would all be continuing their quest for love in New York City.

First Group Date Crashed by Doug E. Fresh… and Someone Else

Shortly after arriving in the city that never sleeps, Jonathan, Justin, Ben Z., Corey, Ryan, Tanner, JJ, and Shawn headed out for a group date. All the guys were clearly excited about being in New York, and not even the news that they’d be competing in a rap battle in front of a live audience tempered their enthusiasm. Rap icon Doug E. Fresh was on hand to help them craft killer lyrics, and, for the most part, the men rose to the occasion (with the exception of JJ, who inexplicably called the women in the audience whores).

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Everyone was having a grand old time when another familiar face showed up to join the party: Nick Viall, whom you’ll remember from Andi Dorfman‘s season of The Bachelorette not too long ago.

Nick Makes His Case for Rejoining the Show

As surprised as she was to see Nick, Kaitlyn was also incredibly excited. With a beaming smile on her face, she explained to the camera, “We struck up a friendship over social media after him watching the show and he said he liked how I carried myself and we just started talking.” She was giggly and googly-eyed as she caught up with her social media crush—and Nick clearly brought his A game for the occasion.

“The idea that you could potentially get engaged and I wouldn’t have met you bugged me,” he said. “I just figured—listen, I would totally regret it if I didn’t try.” Kaitlyn asked Nick if he was staying and he replied, “I don’t know if that’s my call.” (It wasn’t.)

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Katilyn peeled herself away from Nick long enough to return to her suitors from the group date who were waiting patiently to get some quality time with her. Though the reactions were somewhat mixed, none of the guys were happy about the news—especially Shawn. He pounded a beer and Kaitlyn slipped away again to go meet up with Nick on the pier. Though she explained that she wasn’t ready to decide if he could stay or not just yet, she did make out with him enough to make her decision pretty clear.

Nick: 1, Rest of the Guys: 0

The next day, Kaitlyn sought advice from her hairstylist (who basically advised against bringing Nick into the fold)—and then didn’t take that advice. “I think I would regret it if I let you go,” she cooed to her new suitor. “So what do you say?”

Nick spent a minute lamenting about the “not ideal” situation, but naturally accepted her offer. “If my option is being here or not following my heart, I’m following my heart,” he mused. Then they made out again, putting Kaitlyn in a really weird headspace for her next one-on-one date.

Bachelorette Jared
Kaitlyn went on a one-on-one date with Jared, but was distracted by Nick.

One-on-One with Jared is Pure Glamour

Dressed in their black-tie best, Kaitlyn and Jared enjoyed a romantic dinner at the Metropolitan Museum—or, it might be more accurate to say that Jared enjoyed it. Kaitlyn seemed to barely heard a word he said because she was worried about Nick’s return. “I’m having a hard time concentrating because I’m so stressed out,” she admitted in a voiceover. “All I can think about is how the other guys are going to react when Nick moves in. It’s driving me crazy.”

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When she opened up to Jared about the thoughts racing through her mind, he assured her all was fine. “This entire thing is about you,” he promised. “I want you to leave this and know, ‘This is what I wanted. This is exactly it. I’m 100 percent in. I have no doubts. I have no regrets.'” Bolstered by his (impressive) response, Kaitlyn gushed that “every minute gets better with him.” The evening wrapped with a helicopter ride around the city, more making out, and Kaitlyn giving him a rose.

Second Group Date Heads to Broadway

The next day, Ian, Chris, Joe, Joshua, and Ben H. headed out for their group date with Kaitlyn—on Broadway. In a creative twist, the guys were forced to “audition” for a role in the Disney musical Aladdin. Though Ian was the best singer (by far), Chris’s animated presentation ultimately won him the part—and more one-on-one time with Kaitlyn.

They rehearsed, changed, made out a bit in the dressing room, and headed out onto the stage to break a (proverbial) leg. Their performance went off without a hitch and they then spent some time wandering the city streets and talking. Near the end of the night, Kaitlyn led the dentist up many (many!) flights of stairs to the New Year’s Eve ball in Times Square. In keeping with the theme of one-on-one dates, they made out and then she gave him a rose.

As the episode came to an end, the rest of the guys discussed how they should treat Nick when he showed up. Nothing had been decided when (drum roll please) Nick arrived. 

Tell Us: Should Kaitlyn have let Nick join the group?

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