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Episode 111

'Hot Hollywood’ Podcast: Kimye Talk Divorce, Hilaria’s Accent Scandal
On this week’s episode of Us Weekly’s ‘Hot Hollywood’ Podcast, we share everything we know about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s possible divorce, including when Kardashian first met with her attorney and whether...
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Episode 111

'Hot Hollywood’ Podcast: Armie Hammer’s Alleged Text Messages and More
On this week’s episode of Us Weekly’s “Hot Hollywood” Podcast, we break down Armie Hammer’s alleged DM messages, which have not been verified, and his decision to step away from his upcoming Shotgun Wedding film...
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Episode 110

'Hot Hollywood' Podcast': The Hottest news Stories of 2020, Biggest Splits, Scandals and Stories from 2020
On this week’s episode of “Us Weekly’s Hot Hollywood Podcast”, we break down the hottest stories, most salacious scandals, cutest moments and everything in between, from the year that has been 2020. We look back at...
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Episode 109

'Hot Hollywood' Podcast: Tom Cruise Loses It, Meghan and Harry Return to Spotlight
On this week’s episode of Us Weekly’s Hot Hollywood Podcast, we break down the leaked audio of Tom Cruise going ballistic on the crew of Mission Impossible. We talk about what set him off and who in Hollywood is supporting...
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Episode 108

'Hot Hollywood': Olivia Jade Speaks Out, Joe Exotic's Plea to Kim Kardashian
On this week’s episode of Us Weekly’s Hot Hollywood Podcast, Olivia Jade speaks out for the first time! Lori Loughlin’s daughter appeared on Jada Picket Smith’s Red Table Talk and shared some bombshells about the...
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