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Bring Out the Best of Skincare With the Best Plush Towel Sets

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Let’s talk #Facts. Towels are an essential part of modern everyday life. You need one to dry off after a shower, dry your hands after a wash and to wipe away sweat after working out. However this much regular use causes your towels to fray and deteriorate over time, leaving you with nothing more than a thin, barely absorbent cloth. Luckily, modern towel sets are a super effective way to replace old towels in your home. 


These sets often include soft, absorbent towels in multiple sizes. That way, you can have a comfortable drying experience. As another super cool plus, buying them as a set saves you both money and time (and not to mention, match the vibe of your bathroom!) 


Not sure where the heck to start? End your search here and discover the best plush towel sets of 2022 with this guide. 

Comparing the Leading Plush Towels of 2022

Cariloha Organic Bamboo Plush Towel Set – Best Overall

plush towels reviews
The Cariloha Towel Set comprises high-quality bamboo viscose and Turkish cotton, offering soft, silky touch to the skin. Thanks to the long fiber composition, this towel can be your long-lasting companion. The soft fabric is ideal for sensitive skin. Even allergic individuals can enjoy its plushness as there’s no involvement of harsh chemicals. 

It doesn’t comprise durability as well. The strongly-sewn fabric threads are bound to stay intact after years of use. Moderate thickness wicks the moisture in a few seconds, giving off luxury spa vibes. It’s time to make this exceptionally functional towel set a part of your after-bath regime. The softness and freshness can never go wrong for your skin, whether it’s dry, oily, or sensitive. 

  • Absorbs water quickly 
  • Safe for allergic individuals 
  • Remains soft after wash 
  • Resists foul odors
  • A bit pricey

TRIDENT Plush Towel Set – Best Colors

plush towel set reviews
This plush towel set from TRIDENT offers a prime collection of high-quality towels in a varied and affordable package. Using these towels in everyday life is a joy thanks to their soft, 100% cotton constitution and fantastic weaving job. An OEKO-TEX certified cotton construction comes with other benefits like impeccable water absorption and long-term durability. In fact, TRIDENT is so confident in the quality of their towel set that they are offering a 30 day no questions asked money-back warranty. Combine this durability with their ideal performance and lovely mustard color, and you’ve got yourself the best darn plush towel set on the market. 
  • Smooth, soft surface 
  • Features 30-day money-back warranty
  • Long-lasting durability and wear resistance
  • Bright colors are not for everyone

Sofi Premium Bathroom Towel Sets – Great Value

plush towel set reviews
The premium bathroom towel set from Sofi makes quality drying accessible to everyone with its unmatched value proposition. The key factor in this value is their amazingly low price, which is around half of many other plush towel sets of similar size. However, the quality and performance of these towels are nothing to scoff at, either.

A 100% genuine Turkish cotton construction gives these towels their signature softness and absorbance while also keeping them durable in the long run. Another boost to their durability is the double stitched hem that ensures absolutely zero fraying during washes. 

  • Chemical-free and eco-friendly natural dyes
  • 100% genuine Turkish cotton construction
  • Extremely soft and gentle on the skin
  • Washcloths are an inch bigger than standard 

Maura Bath Towels – Luxurious Look

plush towel set reviews
The four-piece plush towel set from Maura offers some of the best-looking bath towels on the market. Alongside their 100% Turkish cotton construction, this makes them both usable and durable. And to add to their awesome absorbance, the star of the show here is definitely their space gray color. It will not only look majestic in your modern bathroom but will also hide regular use stains and marks perfectly. 
  • Ideal size for full bathroom use
  • Gorgeous and modern space gray color
  • Long-lasting dye thanks to locking techniques
  • All four towels are the same size

SUPERIOR Egyptian Cotton Towel Set – Premium Feel

plush towels reviews
If you’re looking for the softest plush towel set on the market, then this set from SUPERIOR is the one for you. A combination of 100% Egyptian cotton construction and an expertly crafted weaving pattern make these towels fluffy and premium. The best part about this Egyptian cotton construction, however, is its longevity. You can use these towels every day for years and they will still be just as soft and plush as the day you bought them. 

SUPERIOR hasn’t skimped out on style and looks either, resulting in the gorgeous, whimsical design and forest green color of these towels that contrasts beautifully with most modern bathroom interiors. 

  • 100% Egyptian cotton construction
  • OEKO-TEX certificate makes it eco-friendly 
  • A bit on the heavy side

Welhome Hudson Bath Linen Set – Excellent Absorbance

plush towel set reviews
Moisture absorbance is the most important attribute of a towel, and the plush towel set from Wellhome Hudson is a master of that. The unique fabric blend of these towels offers the softness and odor resistance of cotton with the water absorbance of linen in one package. You can wipe yourself from head to toe in one swipe using the bath towels from this set—or, you can just tie one of the hand towels around your wet hair to achieve a quicker drying process. 

Surprisingly, there are no major downsides of this boosted absorbance, either. The towels in this set dry off quickly and have similar durability and lifespan to most of their competitors. 

  • Features moisture absorbing properties 
  • Made from organic and green cotton
  • Just as soft as 100% cotton towels


  • Might fray a little after long-term use

A Buyer’s Guide To Finding the Nicest Plush Towel Set

Getting a plush towel set is an amazing way to replace old towels from your home and populate it with new ones. Since there are hundreds of sets to choose from, picking a towel set can get very confusing pretty quickly.

Size of Towels

The first factor to understand is the sizes of the towels you’ll find in a set.

Bath towels

Bath towels are the largest of the three, and as the name suggests they’re mainly used for drying your whole body after a shower, bath, or swim. The dimensions of these range from small to extra large depending on the manufacturer. Another use of these large towels is a covering for getting changed in public spaces like beaches, public pools, and water parks.

Hand towels

Hand towels are generally the most useful due to their size. You can never have enough hand towels as they come in handy in powder rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and workout areas.


Think of a plush towel set as a super absorbent handkerchief. These hand-sized towels are no more than 13×13 inches at their largest, with the average dimensions around 12×12 inches. Key uses for these include drying sweat during a workout, using them as a portable napkin, and drying hands after washing them in a public restroom.

Having one of these on you at all times will come in more handy than you might think, especially for cleaning up messes when you’re on the go.

Towel Material

The next key consideration of purchasing a plush tower set is the towel materials, as it will affect everything from the softness of the towels to their absorption rate. These are your key material options:

Turkish Cotton

Turkish cotton is the most popular material for plush towel sets, and it is easy to see why. It strikes the perfect balance of softness, absorption, and durability. That said, there is a quality spectrum with Turkish cotton, so make sure you’re getting 100% natural cotton with OEKO-TEX certification for environmental and safety standards.

Egyptian cotton

If your end goal with buying a new plush towel set is to get the most comfortable and soft drying sheets, Egyptian cotton is the way to go. It is widely considered the most premium type of cotton for towels and is certainly worth the extra cost

Cotton mix

Pure cotton towels are great in their own right, but other materials like linen have better water absorption properties. Keeping this in mind, a blend between these two materials can bring the best of both worlds to a towel set and is certainly worth your consideration.


Most folks use home towels pretty much every day, and most of them need a regular wash as well. This makes a double-stitched hep essential for long-term durability. Without this, a towel would start fraying from the edges within the first few months of regular use.

People Also Asked

Q: How many towels should be in a plush towel set?

A: The standard number of towels in a plush set is six: two bath towels, hand towels and washcloths. However a few sets also consist of four bath towels or eight wash cloths. 

Q: How can I clean my towels?

A: Most cotton towels can be cleaned easily in a washing machine. The only exception are premium towels that might require you to wash them by hand. If your plush towel set is of a brighter color, consider using a gentle or organic detergent to avoid fading. 

Q: How often should I buy new towels?

A: Ideally, you should aim to replace your towels with new ones every two or so years. While you can always extend the wear of your towels, doing this will ensure you achieve only the best quality and keep your living space looking fresh. To promote flow, you can also purchase multiple sets and colors to pay homage to the changing seasons. 


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