Move over, Bethany Mota!

Ariana Grande has been making YouTube videos since her Victorious days. One of her hilarious 2012 shorts is finally getting the attention it deserves: her makeup tutorial, as conducted by her 19-year-old self.

The pint-sized powerhouse, 21, warns her fans from the start, "I don't know how to do makeup!" (via the video's title). But that doesn't stop her from trying, gathering up the products she used on the set of her hit Nickelodeon series and applying them one by one.

While Grande may not be a professional makeup artist, the rumored diva is actually a secret comedienne. Check out some of these one-liners: "I put on makeup like a 5-year-old doing an art project." "I like to use lip liner. I put it on my lips." And, perhaps the best one, "Make sure you get your necklines. Well, all lines." Amen to that, sister.

Watch the video above to see all the hilariousness in action—including her grand finish, which you truly have to see to believe. Ariana Grande, you are #blessed.